Advanced Root Cause Analysis/Process Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (PFMEA)


Advanced Root Cause Analysis provides the students with a more in-depth look at root cause analysis. We will explore the characteristics of cause and effect, the principles and tools necessary for effective problem solving, and the identification of sustained solutions. Students will learn how to identify and chart primary effects, conditional causes, and action causes. They will then learn how to differentiate between these when putting together a plan for improvement. And finally students will learn how to validate and verify the effectiveness of their solutions over time. We will also introduce the process failure modes and effects analysis tool. PFMEA is a systematic technique for failure analysis. Initially students will map their process and then will identify failure modes and their causes and effects. This will be plotted in a worksheet and scored for qualitative analysis.

Target Audience

Those participating in the LSS/BPR Training and Certification program.


3 days

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