Efficacy: Who do you think you are?


The Efficacy: Who Do You Think You Are? course will provide participants with the power to mobilize their full potential through available resources and energy to produce a desired effect. In order for an organization to reach its full potential, the entrepreneur/business owner must have a keen understanding of the foundation, their capacity that exists to produce a desired result or effect. This course will explore the three factors of efficacy: effort, control, and outcome (Outcome = f(Effort, Control)). This will be supported with analysis techniques to assess how the quality of effort controls the quality of the outcome, and furthermore as you increase your quality of effort, your outcomes will have a higher quality. The key is to get control of the factors that control your effort.

Supplemental Reading

Primal Leadership: Realizing the Power of Emotional Intelligence

Learning Objectives

At the end of the workshop, participants will have a comprehensive understanding and practical knowledge of efficacy in harnessing one’s full potential, confidence, control, personal responsibility, value system, and obstacles. This course will focus on understanding and assessing individual qualities and determining which are value added and non-value added with respect to taking an organization to the next level. As we are better able to understand ourselves, we can better articulate our value to an organization. Participants will work through the steps with a hands-on personal development exercise.

High-Level Agenda

As part of the training course we will provide hands-on experiential learning in the form of a personal development exercise. A few participants will be selected to share their “AHA moments” with the class. Personal efficacy is directly proportional to the trajectory of business, and we will gain control of the efficacy factors through the following steps:

  1. Assess your current potential: exploring your past to determine individual potential and personal characteristics
  2. Determine your Zone of Development: determining which personal characteristics are strengths to enable the change or are weaknesses which hinder the success
  3. Develop goals to exceed Zone of Development: developing goals and strategies for success


2 hours

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