Lean Six Sigma (LSS), Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) Training and Certification


The LSS/BPR Training and Certification program will provide a holistic approach to process improvement along with the knowledge and tools needed to identify and close the gaps in the integrated business processes across any organization. This will be supported with quantitative and qualitative research and data gathering techniques that will ensure long-term sustainment and success for the business.

Target Audience

Those participating in the LSS/BPR Training and Certification program. Applicable to staff, line, supervisors, managers, and directors in all areas of the business.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the workshop, participants will: Have a comprehensive understanding and practical knowledge of the BPR/LSS methodology within the framework of DMAIC and the knowledge as to why it is relevant to business process improvement. The team will be equipped with the methodology and a holistic core of tools needed to identify, prioritize and solve business problems within the functional and departmental boundaries from an enterprise perspective. Participants will work through the steps with a pre-selected project in their area of work.


Greenbelt - 4.5 days  |  Whitebelt - 1 day

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