There are two ways to improve TCO, top line growth and bottom line savings. For more information on TCO, click here.

Total Cost of Ownership

The value chain includes 5 main elements:

Value Chain Analysis

Optimize the use of people, process, technology to ensure sustainable growth.

Organizational Performance

This process ensures sustainable solutions.

Lean and Six Sigma

The Organizational Diagnostic is a 6 step process which will help functional organizations and teams to optimize process efficiency and organizational capability.

Organizational Diagnostic

This process ensures sustainable solutions.

7-6-5 Process

The Bulsard Group, LLC consistently anticipates industry demands by providing a holistic approach to harnessing the power of change and delivering value. Customers expect the same high-quality, low cost, and quickly delivered products and solutions despite the global changes in the market. The Value Maturity Model is the foundation of the proposed Lean Methodology and Approach. The Organizational Diagnostic Assessment and 7-6-5 Processes will ensure success is accomplished by partnering with you to create and sustain value for your operations. During the six step process, each organization will define, create, deliver, and capture the value needed to sustain success. Then, by using the 7-6-5 process, this will lead to cost, personnel, and process optimization.